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          ABB任命Björn Rosengren為首席執行官

          ABB names Björn Rosengren as CEO

          ABB任命Björn Rosengren為首席執行官

          Aug.11,2019--The Board of ABB has unanimously appointed Björn Rosengren, as Chief Executive Officer. He will join ABB on February 1, 2020 and succeed CEO, Peter Voser, in this role on March 1, 2020. At that time Peter Voser will revert to his position at ABB solely as Chairman of the Board.

          2019年8月11日——ABB董事會一致任命Björn Rosengren為首席執行官。他將于2020年2月1日加入ABB,并于2020年3月1日接替首席執行官傅賽(Peter Voser)擔任此職位。屆時傅賽將恢復專任ABB董事長職位。

          Björn Rosengren (60), a Swedish citizen, is a highly experienced, international executive and leader of industrial businesses. He has been the CEO of Sandvik, a high-tech global engineering group, since 2015. During this time, he has overseen the successful implementation of a decentralized structure and improved both the profitability and financial strength of Sandvik. Prior to that, he was CEO of Wärtsilä Corporation, which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment for the marine and energy markets (2011-2015) and spent some thirteen years (1998-2011) in a variety of management roles at Atlas Copco, a world leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions.

          Björn Rosengren(60歲),瑞典公民,是一位經驗豐富的國際高管和工業企業領導人。自2015年以來,他一直擔任全球高科技工程集團山特維克的首席執行官。在此期間,他監督了分權制架構的成功實施,并提高了山特維克的盈利能力和財務實力。在此之前,他曾擔任瓦錫蘭公司的首席執行官(2011-2015),該公司為海洋和能源市場制造電源和其他設備,并在世界領先的可持續生產力解決方案提供商阿特拉斯•科普柯公司(Atlas Copco)擔任了大約十三年(1998-2011年)的各種管理職務。 

          “The Board is pleased that Björn Rosengren will be taking the lead at ABB, bringing with him a proven track record of value creation and exactly the managerial skills ABB needs during the next stage of its transformation,” said ABB Chairman and current CEO, Peter Voser. “After undertaking a thorough search, the Board is convinced that Björn Rosengren is the best candidate for the role. He understands how to establish successful decentralized organizations, empower people and demonstrates the culture of cooperation and high performance. Together with our strong management team, he will drive ABB’s strategy and deliver long-term value to all our stakeholders.”

          “董事會很高興Björn Rosengren將成為ABB的領導者,帶來他在價值創造方面的良好記錄以及ABB在轉型的下一階段所需的管理技能,”ABB董事長兼現任首席執行官傅賽表示。“在進行徹底的了解后,董事會確信Björn Rosengren是該職位的最佳候選人。他了解如何建立成功的分權制架構,賦予人們權能,并展示合作文化和良好績效。他將與我們強大的管理團隊一起推動ABB的戰略,并為我們所有的利益相關者提供長期價值。”

          CEO-designate, Björn Rosengren, said: “I am honored to have the opportunity to join ABB, a truly global technology leader, after I have completed my current commitments. At such a pivotal time for manufacturing industries, ABB must continue to best serve the needs of global customers with a unique technology and digital solutions portfolio to help enhance their productivity. I look forward to working with my new colleagues around the globe to enhance value through the delivery of the group strategy and fully empowering our businesses and people.”

          候任首席執行官Björn Rosengren表示:“我很榮幸有機會在完成目前的承諾后,加入真正的全球技術領導者ABB公司。在制造業如此關鍵的時刻,ABB必須繼續以獨特的技術和數字化解決方案組合為全球客戶提供最佳服務,以幫助他們提高生產率。我期待著與全球的新同事合作,通過實施集團戰略和充分賦能我們企業和員工,從而提升價值。” 



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