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    1. 中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > 羅克韋爾自動化宣布埃森哲、微軟、PTC、ANSYS和EPLAN加入數字合作伙伴計劃

      Rockwell Automation announces Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, ANSYS, and EPLAN as part of Digital Partner Program

      November 20, 2019 —The Rockwell Automation Digital Partner Program connects companies to expertise and solutions from companies like Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, ANSYS, and EPLAN to streamline the implementation and enhance the quality of digital initiatives.


      Through the Digital Partner Program, businesses can consult with industry advisors to create roadmaps for their digital initiatives and learn how industrial IoT concepts like digital twin, the factory of the future and a connected workforce can improve their uptime and efficiency. During implementation, businesses will have access to integrated hardware, software and turnkey systems from industry leaders.


      Digital Program partners each bring expertise that collectively creates an ecosystem enabled to deliver a unified, integrated experience. For example, Accenture can work with companies to create a business plan, develop use cases with ROI and maximize the value of those use cases across the enterprise. Microsoft can help companies access high-quality data from intelligent edge to intelligent cloud to drive better decision making companywide. PTC can help companies connect devices and systems from the edge to the cloud, and use augmented reality (AR) technology to see systems and solve problems in new ways. ANSYS and EPLAN can help solve complex challenges and become part of the digital thread which helps companies be more productive in their design, operation and maintenance activities.


      The Digital Partner Program is part of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program. 




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