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      1. 中國自動化學會專家咨詢工作委員會指定宣傳媒體


        http://www.bt586.com 2022-08-12 09:10 《中華工控網》翻譯

        • ABB擴大其低壓NEMA電機產品組合,進一步確立其在該領域的領先地位
        • 兌現了ABB拓展新市場和擴大市場份額的承諾
        • 在墨西哥建立生產基地,以支持未來的發展
        • 預計收購將在2年內為ABB運動控制業務帶來利潤增長點



          “這次收購為ABB的NEMA電機部門創造了巨大的價值,” ABB運動控制事業部總裁梅塔(Tarak Mehta)表示。“在北美,特別是墨西哥投資業務和開拓銷售機會將使這一業務在2年內成為ABB運動控制業務的利潤增長點。”

          “我們一直很欣賞這些電機的質量和設計,”ABB NEMA電機部門總裁Jesse Henson補充說。“現在我們見到了它們背后的領導團隊,我更有信心,我們一起可以使我們的合并業務發展得比我們中任何一方都快。我們期待著將西門子低壓NEMA電機產品組合加入我們現有的ABB和葆德Reliance工業電機產品中。”



          ABB to acquire Siemens low voltage NEMA motor business

          Zurich, Switzerland | 2022-08-11

        • ABB expands its low voltage NEMA motor portfolio to further establish itself as a leader in that segment
        • Delivers on ABB’s promise to expand into new markets and profitably grow market share
        • Established manufacturing operations in Mexico to support future growth
        • Acquisition expected to be margin accretive to the ABB Motion business within 24 months

          ABB announced today it has signed an agreement to purchase Siemens’ low voltage NEMA motor business. With manufacturing operations in Guadalajara, Mexico, this acquisition provides a well-regarded product portfolio, a longstanding North American customer base, and an experienced operations, sales, and management team. The business employs around 600 people and generated revenues of approximately $63 million in 2021. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2023.

          This transaction is part of the Motion business area’s profitable growth strategy, and it will allow the NEMA motors division to enhance its product offering, expand its supply chain relationships, and improve support to its North American customer base. It also offers the opportunity to better support the customers in Mexico with local manufacturing and sales. ABB expects to benefit from identified synergies, and to use the R&D expertise, supply chain relationships, and market access to bring the combined portfolio to its full potential.

          “This bolt-on acquisition creates strong value for ABB’s NEMA motors division,” said Tarak Mehta, President ABB Motion. “Investing in the business and opening up sales opportunities in North America and especially Mexico will allow this business to be margin accretive to the ABB Motion business within 24 months.”

          “We have long appreciated the quality and design of these motors,” Jesse Henson, President of ABB’s NEMA motors division, added. “Now that we have met the leadership team behind them, I am even more confident that together we can grow our combined businesses faster than either of us could alone. We look forward to adding the Siemens low voltage NEMA motor portfolio to our existing offering of ABB and Baldor-Reliance® industrial electric motors.”

          The global NEMA motor industry, roughly $2.7 billion in size, comprises industrial electric motors primarily used within North America. NEMA motors are essential components used to run equipment in industries such as food and beverage, oil and gas, mining & aggregate, and water & wastewater and in applications like those which move air, liquids, and units.

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