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      美卡諾 ROSE 創新產品 在人機界面操作控制臺的應用
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      At the SPS 2018 trade fair, ROSE is presenting numerous innovative products in the field of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). In addition to supporting-arm systems and control enclosures, these include customer-specific panel PCs and industrial tablets with matching supporting arms, a new rotating and inclinable VESA connection, and more pioneering approaches to solving problems.


      The background is that many cases, standard installation control units no longer meet the requirements of machine manufacturers with regard to performance and design. For this reason, and for this target group, ROSE is presenting its own panel PC solutions at the SPS. These solutions include innovative auxiliary equipment such as a facial recognition camera, RFID card reader, and electronically switchable e-inks for pushbuttons. In this sector, ROSE offers its customers a high degree of individualisation in order to meet their highly specific requirements in the best possible way.


      The new rotatable and tiltable VESA connection

      A fast-change system is an additional highlight on ROSE's stand, and makes it possible to replace PC in just a few minutes. Operators who can not carry out this work, so it achieves maximum system availability at all times. A newly-developed rotating and inclinable VESA connection and the Moterm II mobile stand system are thus presented on the ROSE stand. Moterm II has an integrated height adjustment system which makes the ergonomic design of HMI work stations possible. The system is ideal for all applications in which a supporting-arm system can not be used. Tablets with smart supporting-arm systems for use in Industry 4.0 are also on show.

      Thanks to its great flexibility, the GTV is ideal for applications with limited installation space. In this situation, the operating enclosure can be swung upwards and away from the work area, in this way the operator's freedom of movement. However, it is also used in assembly automation, automotive production or the processing industry.

      In addition to the HMI solutions, which are the focus of this year's trade fair stand, ROSE's product ranges of industrial enclosures, explosion-proof enclosures, stainless steel enclosures, and special enclosure designs will be covered.



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